GAGA Labradoodle Pups


To apply for a GAGA Labradoodle puppy from one of our litters please complete our Puppy Application Form.

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Waiting Lists are now OPEN for future GAGA litters.





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GAGA Labradoodle Puppy Application Form.


"Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails" ~ Max Eastman

Our GUARDIAN HOME program allows local families to have a gorgeous GAGA Labradoodle at an amended purchase price. The guardian home puppy lives with their very own family, returning to us to have their puppies, a maximum of 3 litters for the females. The guardian dog is desexed, at our cost, once they have completed their breeding career. At this time of their life they go back to their guardian home as a devoted family member. If you are interested in being a guardian family please contact us for more information.

GUARDIAN Puppies - future boy and girls to join our GAGA family





"A special dog deserves a special family"

Labradoodle Sizes 

Miniature dog measures 35-42cm (not over 43cm) from the withers to ground measurement. There is no correlation between height and sex in the Miniature size. Weight range tends toward 7-13 kg. 

Medium dog measures about 43-52cm (not over 53cm) from the withers to ground measurement. The ideal size for the female is 43-48cm and the male is 48-51cm. Weight range tends toward 13-20 kg. 

Standard dog measures 53 to 63cm (not over 63cm) from the withers to ground measurement. The ideal size for the female is 53-58cm and the male is 56-61cm. Weight range tends toward 23-30 kg.

Labradoodle Coats 

Fleece is an allergy friendly coat that can have a soft spiralling curl look or a straight wavy look. This coat has a soft textured fleecy feeling. 

Wool is an allergy friendly coat that has the appearance of loose spiralling wool and has a dense wool feel. 

Labradoodles distinctive feature is their coat which is non-shedding and easy to maintain. For more information and pictures relating to the Labradoodle Breed and their general appearance please go to the Australian Labradoodle Association website.

A Labradoodle is inclined to be: 

sociable affectionate trainable comical personality plus beautiful natured level headed cheerful amicable water babe outgoing self-confident eager to please even tempered gentle fantastic family companion


“Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole” Roger Carras