Welcome to the journey of GAGA Labradoodles

Nurturing 'pups' and offering them the best possible start to life is our goal as a breeder of authentic Australian Labradoodles. Our mission is to offer you a GAGA puppy that has a wonderful temperament, is healthy, well-adjusted and will offer you an exuberant greeting at the beginning and end of each day.

Gaga Labradoodles For Sale AdoptionWe ourselves have loyal and intelligent Labradoodles as valued family members.They have the freedom of a landscaped backyard and the additional comfort of outdoor cushions. We have a wonderful healthy relationship with these beautiful companions who provide us with much entertainment.

As a personal care worker in our community I am delighted to say our adult labradoodles are outstanding when given the role of visiting companion. Low to non shedding, allergy friendly coat of the Australian Labradoodle combined with the amazing temperament and intelligence has opened up doors for many an animal lover to interact comfortably.

GAGA Labradoodle puppies are born into an unstressed environment and they receive hands on love and tenderness from birth. Puppies really do bring us that enthusiasm, that appreciation of everyday things that we take for granted.

The 'puppy day' at our home is filled with hours of affection. Our day to day interaction and handling at such a crucial stage in their development results in well adjusted and well socialised puppies. We believe our puppies learn to be comfortable in their own skin.

The puppies are hand raised in our home environment for the first eight weeks of their life. GAGA puppies are introduced to the concept of manners and the importance of listening and responding at an early age. The labradoodle breed amazes me by their brilliance, ease of trainability and their gentle nature.

A puppy, so carefree, so full of the joy of life!

Apply for your very own bundle of labradoodle puppy to play with.

Qld Breeder ID: BIN0000295663032.


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